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Captain America The First Avenger Hindi Dubbed Mobile Movies alictoma




 . . [REDACTED]. His best friend Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) tells him that he cannot be in the army, and he is, instead, going to be a test pilot. At the base, he meets Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) and is promptly taken on as a test pilot himself. While training, he makes an enemy of the Red Skull (Hugo Weaving), who is in the employ of the real Nazis, and is in league with Hydra. While on a mission, he is badly injured in a plane crash, but is saved by a mysterious figure in a black costume, who turns out to be . . . [REDACTED]. In the present day, as the Avengers are investigating Hydra, they come across a warehouse full of costumes, including the Black Widow costume. Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Cap (Robert Downey Jr.) each wear it, but they are not thrilled with it. At that point, the Vision (Paul Bettany) arrives, and when he puts on the costume, he becomes a real person again. Thor wants to know who the Vision is, and the team soon finds out that the Vision is a character in the Marvel comics, who is a version of Steve Rogers. As the Vision, he was thought to have been killed, but he is not. The Vision is a great hero, and Thor and Cap both respect him. He then disappears, and the Avengers find out that he is with the police, who are looking for the real Captain America, Steve Rogers. They do not know what to do with the Vision. He is then seen by the police, who decide to take him to the hospital. He is then seen by Thor and Cap, and they find out that they are on a mission to find Steve Rogers, and that he is alive. He then tells them that he is the Vision, and that he is going to help them. In the present day, Steve Rogers is not in the hospital. He is in an Avengers facility, where he is in the midst of doing his physical therapy, while his team of Avengers are being interviewed. He is a little nervous about it, because he does not know if he can act. The Avengers are being interviewed by the media, when the Vision walks in. He walks to Steve Rogers and tells him that he is the Vision, and that he is his friend, and that he has been missing for a while. He then disappears, but



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Captain America The First Avenger Hindi Dubbed Mobile Movies alictoma

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