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Building character through Dance

What is Elevate?

Elevate is a standards-based dance curriculum enrichment program implementing Franklin Covey’s 7 Habits combined with Life Skills to promote self-expression, self-direction, collaboration, communication, and creativity.

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Elevate is an award-winning dance curriculum that has been taught over the past 12 years, designed with the whole child in mind and with a standards-based approach, teaching skills that scaffold year after year.

What do students do in an Elevate class?

Through the Elevate curriculum, students participate in dance games, exercises, and performance-driven choreography and activities. Students will acquire basic dance skills and terminology. They will use the same tools dancers use to communicate stories, ideas, and emotions. Students will explore the process of creating through collaboration.


The objective of our Dance Enrichment Program is to

enhance student communication and collaboration skills through

in-school workshops featuring dance-based games and educational activities developed by professional arts educators.

Watch your students’ creativity soar!

The emphasis of our program is on building skills in non-verbal communication, body awareness, body language, balance, and spatial awareness.


Discover how dance promotes self-confidence, teamwork, creativity, conflict management, the organization of thoughts, listening skills, and so much more.

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We want to Elevate your students lives!

If you are a teacher or a Home School parent, contact us for more information on how to bring Elevate to your school or Home School group!

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