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At Jibe Studios, we believe in creating an environment where dancers and tumblers can increase responsibility, character and skill through family, friends, and FUN!  Our goal is to help our participants develop into the best dancer/tumbler they can be while teaching life skills, such as communication, goal setting, and persistence.  While focusing on the process over the product, participants learn that effort and perseverance are essential components to success.  But don’t think we forgot about having fun!  Each class is a success if our participants leave with a smile.


Jibe Studios does not participate in competitions.  We offer multiple opportunities for our participants to perform.  We enjoy sharing our students’ successes with their families, friends and the community.


We strive to share our passion for dance and tumbling with others.  Whether you’re looking for a class for an energetic two year old or her 75 year old grandma, Jibe has a class for you.

We believe that a dance studio should be about more than great dance instruction.  We believe in doing our part to shape the character of great people.

We Are on a Mission

Our Mission

At Jibe Studios, we create an environment where dancers and tumblers can increase responsibility, character and skill through family, friends and FUN!

Our Mission

Bright Futures Ahead

Our Vision

At Jibe, we see a second home for our students and families.  We see a place where dancers feel safe to learn and grow.  We see an environment where it is okay to fail knowing that a caring, supportive staff is going to work with you to turn failures into successes.  We see a place that keeps kids engaged and involved in healthy activities.  We see dancers and tumblers improving their skills in a fun, supportive environment.  We see kids taking responsibility and communicating their wants and needs respectfully and effectively.  We see bright futures and believe strongly in our responsibility to train up not just good dancers, but great people.

We Stand for Something

Our Values

At Jibe, we believe in:



Responsibility, character and skill doesn’t end when class is over.  At Jibe we lead with kindness and integrity, inspire our dancers to do the same, and live our values on and off the dance floor.


Loving FAMILY - 

As a dancer, your studio is your second home, and at Jibe, you are part of our family. Generations run through our studio and we know the relationships we’ve made are for life.


Connecting with CREATIVITY - 

From quality shows to fun events to unique experiences, we use our creativity to dream up ways to bring people together.  


Encouraging FRIENDS- 

Connection creates friendships.  Friendships create confidence.  At Jibe, leaning on each other is more than just a dance move.  We lean on one another, we lift each other up and we motivate each other daily. Dance friends make the best friends.

Making Life FUN - 

We work hard, we set goals and we do it all with a smile. Sharing with family and laughing with friends are just the beginnings of how we make Jibe FUN!

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Our Story

Abby and Jennifer opened Jibe Studios in the summer of 2006.  The studio began as a performing company with 20 participants.   Our 20 “crew” members demanded classes as well, so the search for a studio began.  After months of searching for the right spot that would rent to a couple of girls with little business experience and a dream, Jibe Studios found its home.  After three years in business, the 20 participants grew to over a hundred and twenty and Jibe moved to its new home.


The current facility has two studios, a lobby and a dressing area, allowing more classes to be added to the schedule.  After over seventeen years in business and over 27 years of teaching, Abby and Jennifer love their “Jibe family” and are so glad to be living out their dream.

Meet the Jibe staff

Abby Neves


Abby is a talented dancer and teacher who is dedicated to her craft and the people around her. Mom of 3, and an entrepreneur at heart, Abby is an artistic individual who has always loved dance.. She excelled at Tap with Jen Toneck at Gotta Dance in Jamul and at the age of 14, trained under Betzi Roe at COSA where she took her first ballet class.  Abby loves connecting with her creativity through dance and believes that it's more than just a hobby. She is outgoing and enjoys her time teaching her students of ALL ages on and off the dance floor.  Watching her students push their limits is one of Abby's greatest joys, and she believes that finding the FUN in things is what life is all about.

Jennifer Hill


Jennifer started dancing and tumbling at the age of 4 and developed a passion for both.  She continued taking classes and joined a performing company.  Jennifer loved sharing her passion for dance and tumbling by performing throughout San Diego County.  Admiring her many instructors, Jennifer decided to follow in her role-models’ footsteps.  She began teaching classes and became the director of the company she once performed in.  Jennifer earned her bachelors degree and a teaching credential from SDSU.  She taught elementary school for 5 years, while creating Jibe with Abby.  Her dedication to kids and work with the community makes Jibe not a job, but a dream.

Favorite Quote: “Life’s not about waiting for the storms to pass... It’s about learning to dance in the rain!”    -Vivian Greene

Diana Freeman

Office Manager

Diana is a remarkable individual who embodies the qualities of a true people person. She is organized, passionate, and bilingual, making her an excellent communicator in diverse settings. Diana's kindness and empathy for others is evident in her daily interactions, and she goes above and beyond to make people feel valued and appreciated.


Diana's commitment to her work and her community is unwavering, and she is an enthusiastic advocate for causes she believes in. She has a natural ability to inspire others to get involved and make a difference.


Being an Original Jiber for life, Diana has a strong connection to her roots and values the sense of community that Jibe provides. For her, Jibe feels like home, and she takes pride in being part of such a vibrant and supportive community.


Overall, Diana Freeman's passion for people, dedication to her work, and commitment to her community make her an exceptional individual who inspires others to be their best selves. 

Sam Brenner

Project Coordinator

Sam started tap dancing at 4 years old, but didn’t quite fall in love with the arts until her first musical at 6 years old. From there, she continued dancing and performing at Rahway High School, and went on to receive her B.A. in Musical Theatre with a minor in Dance from Fairleigh Dickinson University. She then had the opportunity to work and train at Broadway Dance Center in New York City with all different teachers and masters who’ve shaped her into the compassionate teacher she is today. At Jibe, Sam feels free to be her animated, caring self who sees the whole human and encourages confidence through a mutual love of dance.

Alexa Fote

Lead Outreach Coordinator

Alexa earned her BFA in Dance from The Ohio State University. She began studying Ballet at the age of 3 and from there went on to explore Modern techniques including Horton, Graham and Cunningham. Alexa studied with Hubbard Street Dance Chicago and The American Ballet Theatre throughout high school and went on to intern with BalletMet and various non profits after graduating college. At Jibe Alexa is encouraged to dream big and think outside of the box. Her charismatic nature has led her into her current role as Outreach Coordinator, teaching in schools around San Diego and elevating students' lives the Jibe way.

Julia Duffett

Fine Arts Club Coordinator

Julia is a passionate and creative individual who has a deep love for working with children. She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Child and Family Development from San Diego State University and graduated with Magna Cum Laude. Julia’s passion for dance began at a young age. At eight years old she found Jibe, beginning with tumbling classes then soon  taking tap and jazz classes. Julia was a part of CREW for five years! After spending 14 years at Jibe, Julia considers it her second home, she loves the great community Jibe has created. She is dedicated to helping create good humans, and excels as the Fine Arts Club Coordinator. She finds joy in using her talents to make a positive impact on the lives of children.

Shannen Yoakum

S.T.A.R. Coordinator

Shannen is a considerate, energetic, and confident individual who values education and community involvement. She holds an Associates degree in Communication and is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Child Development at SDSU. Shannen is also a 200-hour certified yoga instructor and has a passion for jazz funk, tap, ballet, and contemporary dance. She has found solace at Jibe for the past 15 years as both a student and instructor! She feels lucky to be part of a welcoming community where she can share her love and kindness with others both on and off the dance floor.

Isabel Desmet


Isabel is a compassionate and creative teacher who has dedicated her life to dance. She is encouraging and a hard worker both in and out of the studio. Her education includes training at Jibe Studios and Mesa College Dance, as well as earning a degree in Integrative Biology from UC Berkeley. Isabel has been training for 12 years and her favorite styles are contemporary, modern, and hip hop. She is currently dancing professionally with San Diego Dance Theater. She believes dance class should be a caring space for learning and fun, and loves seeing her students build lifelong connections in the studio. Ultimately, dance is Isabel’s favorite thing in the world, and she strives to inspire others to find their own joy in movement and self-expression.

Sarah Spillman

Enrollment Coordinator/Instructor

Sarah is back! Sarah found herself back home in San Diego, starting a family of her own, and excited to pour back into such a special place that poured into her throughout her developing years! She brings her training and expertise in Business and Education, and her love for dance and working with young people! She recently became a certified Barre instructor and has her 200-hour yoga teacher certification, challenging herself to take on new forms of passion for wellness and movement. 


Sarah's love for dance started when she was just a Mini, and she continued to grow her passion and skills through her preteen & teenage years at Jibe! This little pink and blue corner of the world taught her responsibility, commitment, self-discipline, accountability, and not to take herself too seriously! She is ever grateful to help the Jibe community continue to grow and thrive! Once a part of the Jibe fam, always a part of the Jibe fam!

Oliver Buffington


Oliver Buffington is currently pursuing a BFA in Dance Education at San Diego State University, where he immerses himself in the world of dance, specializing in choreography, dance anatomy, and dance education. With a particular focus on hip hop, jazz, and tap, Oliver loves sharing his excitement for dance with students of all ages! Oliver believes in creating an inclusive environment where each student can explore creativity and express themselves through movement. Tailoring his teaching approach to educate the whole unique human, Oliver encourages a love for dance while helping students develop their technical skills, responsibility and character.. Throughout his BFA Dance Education journey, Oliver hopes to continue refining his skills, expanding his knowledge, and enriching the lives of his students by instilling a lifelong love for the beauty and power of dance!

Alyssa Dabney

Front Desk Staff

Alyssa’s love for dance started at a young age of five when she first joined Jibe Studios. From that moment on, she has consistently taken classes in jazz, tap, and hip-hop. Her dedication and hard work have led her to become a part of the Jibe Crew for four years. .Alyssa's love for dance goes beyond just performing; she enjoys working with Jibe Studios’ students and their families to connect with the creativity of dance. As a High School Senior, Alyssa is looking forward to her senior season at Jibe!

Join our Jibe Family!

Real Words, Real People

Why People Love Jibe

Dana, Parent

Brandon, Parent

Carrie, Participant & Parent

My daughters and I have danced at Jibe for the last 5 years, and we can't say enough positive things about this studio. The owners, Jennifer and Abby, have created a quality, family-friendly studio that promotes character building along with great dance/tumbling instruction at an age-appropriate level. The classes are reasonably priced, and registration is easily done online or in the studio. Abby, Jennifer, and the other instructors are highly-qualified and keep classes interesting by teaching technique along with new routines each session. Jibe is truly a special place for dancers of all ages!

Such a great dance studio. Have been taking my daughter here since she was 4 and she loves it. Her teacher Ms Abby is great with kids and knows how to bring out their energy. Plenty of recitals and performances throughout the year for the kids and parents to look forward to. A lot further drive for me than other closer studios but so glad I decided to take my daughter to this one! I can't recommend enough.

LOVE Jibe Studios.  My daughter has been a dancer for 7 years now and was at a competitive studio before we made the smart decision to join Jibe. Jibe may not be a competitive dance studio but that does not mean that their owners/instructors slack in any degree of teaching proper technique and skills. This studio makes you feel welcome from
day 1 and you can feel and see the love and passion the owners have with dance and all the children in their studio!  Thank you Jibe for being such an amazing dance studio!!!

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