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Ages 8+


Jibe Crew

Commitment and growth with loads of fun!

To be eligible to audition for Crew, students need to be enrolled in at least three classes at Jibe.  They need to be at least 8 years old and in Jazz B2 or higher.  If students make it into Crew, there is a 6 month commitment (January-June or July-December), but most dancers join year round.  Our next audition will take place on January 11.  New members and returning Imagine and Dream members start at 5:30 and returning Believe and Inspire members start at 6:30.  Auditions are closed to visitors and pick up is between 7:30-8.

Why join a performance group?  If you have fallen in love with dance and Jibe, its a great opportunity to enhance your dance experience. Performance groups give dancers added performance opportunities, a team to build connections and friendships and more chances to build important life skills, like communication, persistence and a strong work ethic, that will serve them throughout their lives on and off the dance floor.  It sounds like a lot of work (and it is), but it is also a whole lot of fun!

Does everyone make it?  No.  Not everyone makes it every time.  If you do not make it, we will give you feedback on what you can do to help reach your goals.  If you feel that you or your dancer are not prepared to be turned down, please wait until next auditions. (Jan 2024)

Questions?  Happy to help! Call or text us at (619) 728-2882.

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