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Check out our upcoming classes to keep dancing with us all summer long! 

Through June 2

Registration is open!

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* There may be times when classes are required to be conducted through Zoom.

Full Schedule a little overwhelming?

Ready to join us at Jibe?

Registering is as easy as 1-2-3!
1: Create an account   2: Select the Session and Classes   3: Submit & Checkout



Prices below are for a 10-week session:

1 class a week         $150

2 classes a week     $300

3 classes a week     $395 (save $40)

4 classes a week     $495 (save $80)

5 classes a week     $595 (save $140)

6+ classes a week    $695 (save up to $725)

Drop Ins:

$20 per class

(not available for full classes)

Jibe Camp:




Recital Color Code Key

The color on your class indicates your showtime for Recita.l.

Red Show
June 3
10:00 am
Orange Show
June 3
12:30 pm
Yellow Show
June 3
3:00 pm
Pink Show
June 3
5:00 pm
Green Show
June 4
11:30 am
Blue Show
June 4
2:00 pm
Purple Show
June 4
4:30 pm

Class Show Assignments, Show dates and times are subject to change.

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