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Celebrate Your Performer!

Recital Themed T-shirt

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Flower Bouquets


Highlights in the Show Program

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Performer Bundles

Performer Bundles include:

~ Recital Themed T-Shirt   ~ Highlight in the Program   ~ Flower Bouquet


A Shout Out during the Show! 🎤

Celebrate your performer with a bundle and save!

Celebrate you Performer
Show Location and Arrival Info

The Magnolia Theater
210 E Main St, El Cajon, CA 92020

Before You Arrive:
Tickets will be sent digitally to the email address used on your order the day before the show. You can print your tickets in advance or simply show them on your smart phone on show day.

Entering the Theater:
On the day of the show, performers should arrive 30 minutes BEFORE the start of their show in costume and ready to perform.   Performers will enter through the east side doors located next to the main parking lot.  One parent should bring the performer to the check in area.  Parents will not be allowed in this entrance as it is for performers only.

Audience members will enter the theater through the main entrance on the north side of the building.  The main theater doors will open approximately 20 minutes before the start of the show.  Please have your ticket barcode ready to be scanned.  You can show the barcode on your phone or print your tickets out in advance.  Be sure to look for the QR codes to get access to the digital program.

Exiting the Theater:
Mini performers will be dismissed by class in the theater on the right hand side of the stage.  Performers in levels B1 and up will be dismissed from the back of the theater to the left hand side of the stage.  To prevent crowding, please send only one parent to get your child.  We thank you for your patience, as a safe dismissal is our number 1 priority.

Show Loction and Arrival Info
Tips for a Successful Show Day!
Tips for a Successful Show Day!

~  Have a snack before the show and be sure to use the restroom before you leave.

~  Focus on the excitement, and try to avoid using the word nervous.

~  Don't instruct your child to "stay with the teacher."  Our whole staff will be helping backstage and your child's teacher will have multiple classes performing. 

~  Don't send anything "extra" backstage with your child.  If you child is performing in multiple dances, please arrive in the first costume and have the other costumes in the a bag with the provided name tag.

And most importantly...

~  Sit back, relax and enjoy cheering on your performer!

Dress Rehearsal/Photo Week
May 24-30

Come to class in full costume May 24-30 for Dress Rehearsal/Photo Week!

Things to know:

~ Arrive at the studio at your regular class time.  Arriving on time helps create a smoother photo week experience.

~ Students will walk the pink carpet and come into the studio without parents, just like show day!

~ We will have chairs set up in the parking lot for parents.

~ Students will take individual and group photos.  Everyone will receive one group photo.  Individual pictures are available for purchase.

~ Students will run their dance in costume.

~ Expect classes to run 40 minutes to an hour during Dress Rehearsal and Photo Week.


~ Mini Students only need to wear the shoes they will be wearing for show day.  No need for dance bags.

Students with Multiple Classes: 

~ Send additional costumes for the day in a bag with the provided tag.  Staff will help them change, just like show day.

We LOVE Dress Rehearsal and Photo Week! Not only is it so fun seeing everyone in costume, but it is also great at getting everyone ready and excited for the big show day!

Show Photo Form Header.png

We are excited to offer show pictures.  The photos above are all pictures taken at Jibe!


You have two options when purchasing photos:

1. Buy a Photo Package.  You can choose between Package A, which includes 3 fully edited photos or Package B, which includes 5-6 fully edited photos.  When selecting your photo package, pricing will be based by the number of costumes.  Many of our students take multiple classes.  If your child takes one class, you would select the One Costume Photo Package.  The Family Pack is for families that have more than one child dancing at Jibe.  The Family Pack includes photos for all costumes for each student AND siblings pictures!


2. Buy a single photo.  If you are not interested in getting the photo package, you may also choose to buy single photos a la cart.  Single photos will be selected by the photographer.  

All photos will be edited and delivered digitally.  Included in your purchase is full rights to print pictures.

After selecting your single photo or photo package, you have the to opportunity to add on a friend's photo to take pictures with your buddy or flowers for your performer on show day!

Tickets will be available to purchase beginning May 13.  Tickets range from $11-$26 depending on which section you pick.  Seating is assigned and you can select your seats at the time of purchase.  All audience members ages 3 and up, including parents will need a ticket for each show you attend.  You may purchase as many tickets as you'd like, so be sure to invite your family and friends!  We can't wait to see all of our dancers and tumblers on stage!


Hair and Make-Up

Performers should wear their hair up out of their face.  Hair can be styled in a pony tail, braid(s), bun, half up-half down, etc.

Since bright stage lights can wash out faces, performers may choose to wear make-up.  Wearing eye shadow, blush and lipstick can help facial features stand out on stage.  You are also welcome to wear mascara if you'd like.

Hair & Make-Up
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