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Classes By Age

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Ages 1 - 2

Mini Movers

The best class to start for your one or two year old is Mini Movers.  Mini Movers is specially designed to develop important developmental skills and to prepare your little one for the next level of class.


This class starts with structured play allowing your child to explore activities while the instructor works with children one on one.  The class then does group activities, including circle time with songs, a tumbling and dance portion, obstacle course and parachute activities.  This class is a perfect start with the comfort of a parent/grandparent/"big buddy" in the room.

Mini Movers

Wednesdays  10:00-10:30

Mini Movers 2

This class is for students 2.5 - 3.5 years old. Mini Movers 2 is the perfect transition from Mini Movers into our 3-4 year old classes.  It is structured like a Mini Combo class but is condensed into 30 minutes with a smaller class size to set your tiny dancer up for success!

Mini Movers 2

Wednesday's  10:00-10:25

Saturdays  8:45-9:15


Mini Dance 1, Mini Combo, Hip-Hop, Flip Flop

Sign up your 3 - 4 year old for Mini Dance 1 or Hip-Hop Flip Flop.  Mini Dance 1 consists of tap, jazz, ballet and creative movement.  Hip-Hop, Flip Flop teaches hip-hop and basic tumbling skills like forward rolls and progressions that lead to handstands and cartwheels.  Any of these classes will be lots of fun for your little one, so choose the best one for your schedule.  There are a lot to choose from, but be sure to register quickly as our Mini classes typically fill fast!

Mini Dance 1

Mondays  4:50-5:30

Tuesdays  2:50-3:30

Wednesdays 10:25-11:05

Fridays 4:10-4:50

Saturdays  9:15-9:55

Saturdays  11:15-11:55

Hip-Hop, Flip Flop

Wednesdays 4:50-5:30

Thursdays 2:50-3:30

Thursdays  3:30-4:10

Saturdays 10:35-11:15

Saturdays 12:35-1:15

Ages 3 - 4
Age 5

Mini Dance 2 and Hip-Hop, Flip Flop

Sign up your 4.5 - 5 year old for Mini Dance 2 or Hip-Hop, Flip Flop.  These classes are structured like the 3-4 year old classes but build upon the skills taught in our Mini 1 classes.  Being a little older, the dancers have a little more coordination and little more focus, allowing us to start making more corrections on their movement to prepare them for the B1 Beginning 1) classes at 6 years old.  Be sure to register quickly as our Mini classes typically fill fast!

Mini Dance 2

Mondays  5:30-6:15

Tuesdays  4:10-4:50

Tuesdays 5:30-6:15

Fridays  3:30-4:10

Saturdays  9:55-10:35

Saturdays  11:55-12:35

Hip-Hop, Flip Flop

Wednesdays 4:50-5:30

Thursdays 2:50-3:30

Thursdays  3:30-4:10

Saturdays 10:35-11:15

Saturdays 12:35-1:15

Ages 6 - 10

Beginning 1 (B1 6-10)

If your child is a beginner ages 6-10 years old, we recommend them starting in any of our B1(6-10) classes.  This level is offered in various dance styles.  We recommend starting in any style of interest, as all of the styles help improve coordination and build upon each other.  Have a child that isn't interested in a particular style, but loves to dance and twirl around the house?  Try Jazz!  Jazz has the kicks, turns and leaps of ballet and the fun, fast pace of hip-hop.  Want to improve your child's rhythm?  Try tap!  Many of our students start in one or two styles, and then add another style if they are enjoying Jibe!

Jazz B1

Wednesdays 4:10-4:55

Fridays 4:10-4:50

Saturdays  10:35-11:15

Tap B1

Wednesdays  3:30-4:10

Fridays   4:50-5:30

Saturdays  9:55-10:35

Ballet B1

Tuesdays  3:30-4:10

Tuesdays  4:50-5:30

Saturdays  9:15-9:55

Hip-Hop B1

Tuesdays  3:30-4:10

Fridays  5:30-6:10

Saturdays  11:15-11:55

Tumbling B1

Mondays  3:30-4:10

Musical Theater

Fridays  5:30-6:10

Ages 10 - 16

Beginning 1, 2, 3 (B (10-16))

If your child is a beginner ages 10-16 years old, we recommend them starting in any of our B(10-16) classes.  These classes allow your pre-teen and teens to learn to dance in classes with their peers.  Our B(10-16) classes cover skills from levels B1-B3.  Instructors differentiate instruction and teach new skills when each student is ready.  Our goal is for each student to learn the skills necessary to "move up" into a class with an appropriate peer group.  These classes are a fun way to learn to dance and a chance to make some great friends.

Jazz B(10-16)

Mondays  7:45-8:30

Tuesdays   7:00-7:45

Tap B(10-16)

Mondays  6:15-7:00

Hip-Hop B(10-16)

Tuesdays  6:15-7:00

Ballet B(10-16)

Mondays  7:00-7:45

Adult Classes

Over 18 and want to learn to dance?  Did you used to dance as a kid and want to get back into for some fun?  Our adult classes are perfect for you!  Our adult classes are all about taking some time for you, getting some excerise that doesn't involve a treadmill and having some fun.

Adult Cardio Hip-Hop

Tuesdays  7:45-8:30

Adult Tap

Wednesdays  7:00-7:45

Adult Ballet

Mondays  11:15 am-12:00 pm

Ages 18-100
IMG_5869 2.JPG

Of course, we have classes for you.  We have leveled classes from beginning through advanced in various styles.  We want to help you find the best fit based off of your age and level.  If you need some help in determining the correct level, please contact us.

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